xpa 3.2 SQL Server connection failed using Application Role authentication

Heico van Wieringen

It seems that Magic xpa 3.2 doesn't translate the Secret Names that are used in the definition of the connection with SQL Server. Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

SQL Server 2014, using a Application Role for Magic access.
Logon information stored in Secret Names.
Entry in the Database Information field of the Magic
Database Properties:


On access of a SQL table in the Magic Runtime the following error appears:
"<DB name>: Cannot set application role
'%SQL_APPLICATION_ROLE%' because it does not exists or the
password is incorrect."

All settings are verified and correct.

With Magic xpa 3.1a, and unchanged settings, there is no problem.
Because of this error, Magic xpa 3.2 is a No Go for us.

Heico van Wieringen

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