Re: xpa 3.2 SQL Server connection failed using Application Role authentication


Hi Heico

I just tested the following setting in magic.ini:
TEST SQL Server = DBMS, 21, %SQLDB%, , %SRVNAME%, , %USR%, %PWD%, NoMagicRecordLock, ChangeFileInToolkit, CheckDefinition, NoCheckKey, NoFileLocks, SQL_PHYSICAL_LOCKING=Y, , CheckExist, 0, , NoAS400SrvrSort, , NoWebServiceDB,

I verify that all logical names were evaluated correctly in XPA3.2a
Maybe something in your INI messed up while transferring from XPA 3.1 to 3.2?


On 21/2/2017 1:49 μμ, Heico van Wieringen via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi Avgerinos,

Thanks for your reply.

I tried what you suggested with Logical Names. Logical Names are not evaluated in my case. In xpa 3.1 they are. :(



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