Ian Whybrow <sales@...

For one that works now but costs you money, try Open Sesame Systems in Toronto or Montreal (Contact Don Ferguson or Moe Nawaz in
Toronto at donf@... or -- oops -- can't find Moe's email) or contact Craig Martin who is in the final stages of
building similar DLL at craig_martin@.... Craig also has a great multi-purpose DLL called Hot Fudge that you may like to
check into at

Ian Whybrow
Logistics Technologies
Authors of Shipment Commander

socopa Informatique cherre wrote:

From: "socopa Informatique cherre" <socopa.inform@...>

Hi there !

Can anyone tell me where i could find some DLL that read/write ( with
parity, baud, protocol, ...) a serial port with Magic V8 ?
Opening a COM like a standard file doesn't work very well :(

A lots of Thanx !

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