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Diego Bale (Interdata Agricultura) <diego.bale@...>

Hi' everybody
Sorry to be so insistent... this group is the only help i've got when i
don't know something... and is very difficult to find info in internet
related to this things with magic. Ive got no other place to ask :(

Like Omar said i can do the relinking part one by one... But is not so good
when having multiple programs...
I also thought, maybe by exporting the program and editing something in the
txt, i can accomplish my goal... I didn't try it yet.

Answering Steve question... i've got magic 9.4sp4
The variable is not based on a model... is directly linked to the library

Thanks a lot for your time.

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Please answer two questions:

1) What version and service pack level of eDeveloper?

2) Is the virtual variable based on a Model that references the OLE
object or does the virtual variable reference the OLE object directly?

Steve Blank

At 07:23 AM 7/3/2008, you wrote:
>Hi group. Im still trying to figure it out
>Is there any way to relink a virtual OLE field to another library...
>For example. I have one virtual OLE linked to a crystal library vers 7
>and i
>want to link that virtual to the same library but vers 11
>I cannot do it maintaining the virtual fields... i have to delete them
>create them again... So i lose all the refereneces to that virtual in the
>whole program...
>(For more info read below, the other mail)
>Thanks a LOT for your time !!!!

Steven G. Blank
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

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