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Another option might be to:

1. Export the first project
2. Create a new project
3. Register the new project.


I did not try it. Mostly though, when I start a new project, I do it by
exporting and importing, which seems more reliable.Except be sure to have
the color and font files in place first.

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1) Create a new empty project with the correct name

2) With a text editor edit Projprops.xml and copy in from the OLD system
everything between GUID val and ProjectName

3) Delete every other xml in the Source folder

3) Copy in all xml from the old XML Source folder except Projprops


Using VSS, we do the deleting and copying using VSS itself, and do the
editing of Projprops with it checked out.

With TFS you might do it all without the Project being in TFS, and add
it when complete.

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I have copied project X in my local source control folder and renamed it
project Y. Renaming included changing folder name, changing EDP name,
changing contents of EDP and changing project properties XML. When i
open project the banner bar says project Y. When I add it to VC server
the first (comments) window says project Y but when I confirm i get an
error saying project X already exists in VC. What else do I need to
change to get it to work?

I am using TFS2010 / UniPaas 1.9g



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