Re: Recovering from ODBC error without user intervention

Steven Blank


I may be missing some key point, but couldn't you create an error event handler in the Main Program to take appropriate action?

Steve Blank

At 03:02 PM 1/30/2017, you wrote:

A client using M94 is running an online task on an unmonitored workstation. That task has a timer event which runs a series of batch tasks at intervals.

There is occasionally an issue accessing a specific ODBC table, which returns in MGERROR.LOG the text "Error>> Failed to open table....(etc)"

at which point the online task exits but the application remains open.

Is there a good way to recover from this situation?

I suspect I can set up the main program so it relaunches the online task if it doesn't exit "properly", and even to skip the batch task which accesses the ODBC table should that occur (so the remainder of the processes continue to run), however that seems inelegant to me.

Is there a better solution?



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