Re: Application Installation Utility


Thank you Hans
Do you know if a support-contract is required for asking such a thing from MSE?

On 13/2/2017 2:10 μμ, Hans Meijer wrote:

We use it all the time but we also always have to ask Magic to supply us with a new one belonging to the latest release.
It's not in there release process it seems. So for 3.2a you need its own AIU.
Because we don't use 3.2 we never asked for it (yet) so it's not in the download area (yet).


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Onderwerp: [magicu-l] Application Installation Utility

Hi magicians

Is anyone familiar with Application Installation Utility?
The latest version available for this utility is 3.1a. I wonder if it can be used to install the latest XPA Runtime (3.2a)

Thanks in advance

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