Re: UserFunctionality is a security breach!


One vote for old way.
I never use UserFunctionality.ECF, exactly for the reasons mentioned.


On 16/2/2017 2:01 μμ, harry@... wrote:

Has anyone notice how easy it would be to circumnavigate Magic menu's and, if applicable, the rights assign to these by replacing the UserFunctionality with your own 'hacking' version? You could easily replace the, let's say Range function, by a function that let's you call ANY program within your application, even if it is in a higher component, by simple doing a 'Call By Exp' with the program number you enter in your replaced Range functionality. If you add a decimal to the program number, like 12.01, you could call program# 12 in the parent component, of 12.02, for program# 12 in the grandparent component.

I would therefore recommend to NEVER use this ecf as is but to 'copy' this end user functionality into your own application. I say 'copy' but it's more like a rebuild/retype as you can't copy most of it as they are (complicated) functions in the Main Program. This way you can also change the GUI to match your own application. The down side of this is that every time Magic has a new version you need to check if anything was changed in the UserFunctionality. For instance in V3.2 the form size in pixels was introduced which caused the popup screen of the ColumnFilter not to work anymore.

In short: Why aren't all these functions build in like before? Who really needs them to be in an ecf?? I still prefer the old way of doing locate's and range's better on the field directly. MUCH clearer for the end user to use as well. Also this new UserFunctionality doesn't seem to work if you create a temp program with Ctrl+G on a database table.

Perhaps we should start a poll on this? Who wants the old functionality back??

Best regards,

Harry Kleinsmit.

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