Re: V3 slow


Thinking did not protect me from undocumented bugs.

The only way I found was the hard way: Don't trust and test. And test and test and test and test...

BTW, just stumbled on another issue. These combo-controls are so buggy in XPA3...

For now I 'm practicing my vocabulary in bad words ;-)


On 16/2/2017 3:33 πμ, Craig Martin wrote:

Think more, type less :-)

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Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 10:22:01 AM
Subject: Re: [magicu-l] V3 slow
Hi Pavel

Excluding Magic from Windows Defender did work for me: It decreased by
40% the time required to run a full program check (W10, 16Gb, i7, SSD).

My personal experience so far from :
Development in version 3 is much slower that it was in prior versions.
This is an unfortunate fact you cannot avoid no matter how much money
you invest in hardware.
Almost 2 years after v3 launch and this tool is failing to make me feel
trust as in the past. For months after I moved to version 3, I kept
feeling like I 've been cheated.
Version 3.1b at least became a bit faster in some aspects, plus I got
rid of the frequent Studio crashes. Version 3.2 does not offer yet
something interesting to me, no speed, no issues solved.


On 14/2/2017 2:00 μμ, Pavel Mencl wrote:
> I moved to v3.1 from v10.1 a few months ago and the studio is
> noticeably (aggravatingly at times) slower in certain
> operations,mainly opening tasks,zooming into expressions and opening
> forms.I run it on a new laptop,Win10, 8 GB memory,SSD,should be flying
> but it's not.I've read that Windows Defender may not play nice with VS
> 2015 so I've excluded the Magic studio from real-time checking but
> even turning it off completely doesn't help much.
> Any hints what I should look at?
> Thanks
> Pavel

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