Re: XPA3 combo-control: incompatibly with prior versions


Correction: message refers to tab-control and not to combo-box

On 17/2/2017 8:45 πμ, Avgerinos wrote:
Hi magicians

Documenting an incompatibility in behavior of combo-box controls between XPA3.x v/s prior versions:

Desktop app form contains a combo-control, with bot ItemsList & DisplayList properties defined as expressions pointing to string variables.
If you try to reconstruct the content of these variables in XPA3 (maybe parsing some array that contains the names or values), an error will appear in the error log.
After you repeat for a while, the runtime-engine will eventually crash.

Same case in uniPaas behaves correctly for years. It creates no issue and does not affect stability.

The possible cause behind this:
Since 2 different variables are used as the source of ItemsList and DisplayList, and they are not updated simultaneously, XPA3-engine gets very "sensitive" the moment you update the first variable and still you did not have the time to update the second one to equal items-count. It sees an ItemsList v/s DisplayList length incompatibility and this is what it reports in error log.
Probably this creates a memory leak inside and eventually ends up in application crash.

Work-around that seems to work so far:
Use a parallel couple of variables to hold and update the ItemsList & DisplayList. Whenever they are both updated and ready, then update the primary variables with the final values


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