Re: V3 slow


Never experienced such a huge speed improvement in database speed - not even something close to this.
So far, we did not notice any speed difference accessing MSSQL databases, at least in the 2 major apps migrated in 2016:
  • One with SQL2008-Enterprise, 150Gb database with 250 tables
  • One with SQL2012-Express, 10Gb database with 90 tables

I wonder if there are any official-benchmarks by MSE, regarding database-speed improvement in XPA3.


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We did already many Xpa 3.2 conversion and i can tell you, from the experience of many customers which are already live,
that Xpa 3.2 is almost 2 time faster in runtime with SQL databases than v94 or uniPaaS, so the end users are happy. 

For developers - it is much more Challenging than Xpa 2.5 because of the Visual Studio which is embedded in this version but you can used to it at the end

David Rechter
Go Up Technology

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