Re: XPA3 issue with mouse-wheel


Hi Keith

Already did. Mouse-wheel in general works Ok.
It happens only in certain occasions


On 17/2/2017 10:36 μμ, Keith Canniff wrote:

Have you tried just creating a Ctrl+G on a table and see how the mouse
reacts there?


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Hi magicians

Struggling for the last 4 hours with a strange behavior of a table-control
in XPA3, becoming insensitive to mouse wheel (tested so far on Win7 and
Same table, exactly same data-view, same machine, in uniPaaS works fine.

The strange thing is that for some reason it seems to "prefer" some specific
records to freeze on.
I removed all event handlers, all data-links and even the record suffix just
to be sure that is not some coding glitch.
No luck yet.

Any similar experience?

Thanks in advance

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