Re: XPA3 issue with mouse-wheel


More info on the issue and a workaround:

In XPA3.2a form (desktop app), a table-control will stop responding to mouse wheel, the moment it "stumbles" on a row where all contained controls are non-parkable. Rest of navigation methods will still work.
This was not happening with UniPaaS 1.9 and with any XPA version up to 3.1b.

Workaround: either make one of the controls parkable (and protect by making it not-modifiable) or add a dummy fields that allows cursor to park


On 17/2/2017 10:45 μμ, Avgerinos wrote:
Finally it seems to be an XPA 3.2x only issue :-(
I reversed to XPA 3.1b and it works OK there

On 17/2/2017 10:17 μμ, Avgerinos wrote:
Hi magicians

Struggling for the last 4 hours with a strange behavior of a table-control in XPA3, becoming insensitive to mouse wheel (tested so far on Win7 and Win2008Server).
Same table, exactly same data-view, same machine, in uniPaaS works fine.

The strange thing is that for some reason it seems to "prefer" some specific records to freeze on.
I removed all event handlers, all data-links and even the record suffix just to be sure that is not some coding glitch.
No luck yet.

Any similar experience?

Thanks in advance

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