Re: Automate LOCATE (Magic xpa 3.2)

Florian Groothuis

You can use the value from the combobox as FromLocate value on the desired field and trigger it with a ViewRefresh (1) at the VariableChange-event.


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Verzonden: dinsdag 21 februari 2017 19:46
Onderwerp: [magicu-l] Automate LOCATE (Magic xpa 3.2)


In a table with 2 columns (C1 and C2, both alpha) I would like to quickly locate the first record beginning with a letter. Therefore I placed a combo box at the two columns title filled with the letters A-Z. The user would now choose a letter in the combo box of C1 or C2, for example 'M' in the first column (C1), then the program should select key 1 (or key 2 if the user selected at the second combo box) and do a Locate 'M' and finally be positioned at the first record starting with the letter 'M'.

All I was able to do is, opening the 'Locate' Window, with a Variable Change form the Combo box, but I am unable to fill in the selected letter into this Locate Window. The letter lands instead into the actual field from the table.

Maybe there is another way to accomplish this?



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