Re: Get.dll crashing unipaas 1.9 all of a sudden

Florian Groothuis

We had the same problem a few years ago. In our case it depended on the number of printers a user had assigned to his account. Try raising the buffer size with “GET_SET_PRN_BUFFSIZE”. We set it to 10000.


Van: [] Namens John Knickerbocker
Verzonden: donderdag 30 maart 2017 14:15
Onderwerp: [magicu-l] Get.dll crashing unipaas 1.9 all of a sudden


Hello group,


We have a client that we use get.dll with in order to retrieve the list of windows printers. It has been working for years now, but this week it began crashing right when the dll is called. Not every time, sometimes it works without crashing. Has anyone else seen this behavior?


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