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Heidi Schuppenhauer

I know you said "besides" Magic's website, but sometimes people overlook some of what is there. One place to look is the PDF that comes with Magic, Mastering Magic XPA. The first few chapters work a bit like a tutorial to get your first program or two written. There is also a self-paced course at their website.

Mastering Magic is a rather large book, and it comes with example programs for most lessons. So you can run through the examples and learn most aspects of Magic, one by one. Play with the programs and see how they work. When you are working on production programs and some aspect isn't working ... you can go run the example and see how it works there. If you actually work through the 600 or so examples you'll be more of an expert than most of us here!

I keep a copy of the Samples which also contain my experiments as copies, so I can go back to them when I have a question about it. 

Hopefully your employer also has some Magic programmers there for you to work with. If not, they should have a consultant available for you to ask questions to. Working in a vacuum is not a great idea. However, you can always ask us here too!



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Hi all, 

I'm relatively new to programming in .NET, but I have recently started a new position that requires me to learn Magic. Since I started I have realized that there isn't much out there as far as video tutorials or guides besides the ones provided by Magic. I would really appreciate it if I could get some resources besides Magic's website. I'm learning Magic xpa v3.2

Thank you in advance,


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