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Craig Martin


Since you name-checked me, I'll say I actually use datatables from time to time for presentation in web applications, in fact I built an add-on to do what their commercial editor (the auto popup dialog for a kind of magic screen-mode record crud on selecting a row) does with a bit more flexibility. 

Take a look at the js console in js bin, you currently have 17 errors, all related to missing commas. You are missing a comma after fixedHeader: true and a missing comma after "data": 'Product Title' - the json object you're passing into the Datatable function just needs to be valid

Everything is in plain sight with datatables, it's very straightforward, but you need to honour what it expects. Everybody stumbles.

Do well.

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In San Diego last year in the HTML merge section there were several individuals that mentioned one of their largest hurdles was reporting on the internet. I am not talking RIA but HTML Merge. I recently came across a product/framework that handles a lot of the issues that we face in reporting with HTML merge. You can learn a lot about this by going to I am working on creating my first report with this code set and have run into a couple of hurdles that should be easy to solve but because of all the css and js work that is going on they are not simple. If you are interested in my sample you can see it here: They offer a sandbox to try out a lot of the functions and they have a pretty good forum, not as good as this list but good. The link I posted to my sample is in their sandbox.


As part of the css and js they have it handles sorting, paging, searching, exporting(csv, excel, and pdf),  and a host of other things that are very nice. They have a download manager where you can go through and select what you want included in your files and then you can download it all. This is all free. They do have premium support that costs but the main forum is free.


What I am struggling with is changing the overall font size of the table and setting a fixed width on one of the columns.


I know there are individuals in this group that are more versed on css and js than I am; Craig’s name comes to mind. J


I think there are users that could benefit by using this technology and if anyone would like to offer assistance to me to get the parts that I need working I would appreciate it.



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