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..only be careful if you have used color-expressions instead of absolute color-values

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I have done this using a text editor with a "replace in files" function. You find one of the color expressions in the source xml and replace the number with you desired one. UltraEdit does this nicely. It will search the Source directory and offer to replace or skip each matching phrase it finds. Once you have checked that it does what you want, you can turn it loose to replace all without stopping.

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I am looking for a bit of advice.  I am upgrading an application I have to XPA and I have a colour and font file that contains many redundant entries that are no longer required.  What I would like to do is remove these redundant ones and then use those files in XPA.  My problem is that the ones I want to keep are mixed up with the ones I want to lose so if I delete one the number of the keepers will change.  Is there an easy way to change the colour and font numbers in my application to reflect this?


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