Re: Buggy implementation of resident tasks in XPA-3.2a?


Hi Frederic

Yes, some of the cases have ranges on virtuals

Still investigating some other different cases (with 4-level tasks - all resident that also crash often)


On 28/4/2017 7:05 μμ, Frederik Soete wrote:

Hi, I've reported the same to MSE only yesterday. I sent them a demo project. In my case the bug is triggered in resident online tasks which happen to contain ranges on virtuals, after applying a user functionality range, then closing and entering the task again. When do the crashes happen in your code? Do your tasks also have ranges on virtuals?

Frederik Soete

Op 28-apr.-2017 17:57 schreef "Avgerinos" <mento@...>:
Hi magicians

Did someone notice buggy behavior in resident online tasks in XPA 3.2a?
I experience crashes, especially when called for a 2nd time, while in the 1st call the user has modified the data-view by applying range

Used to work fine, up to version XPA3.1b

Avgerinos Markopoulos

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