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Tim Downie

Hi Craig

Finally got to testing v3.2 by posting a file though the requester - still has the bug - if your file contains a % you need up with some sort of control char when it gets to magic breaking the document.

Id love to know your opinion on this - this is preventing us using magic in more and more situations

From: <> on behalf of Craig Martin <craig@...>
Sent: Wednesday, 17 May 2017 5:38 AM
Subject: Re: [magicu-l] Httpcall with base64 authorization

It was a quick hit, I'll make it more robust in the next release and give you the option of setting up a microservice.

Btw, you are not in my debt, but you need to create some pay-it-forward component for the community on some other topic of your choosing. And so it goes.

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Subject: Re: [magicu-l] Httpcall with base64 authorization

Crack the champagne!

Craig Martin has done it again.

This Json

  "version": 241,
  "code": "0",
  "body": {
    "sites": [
        "id": 14,
        "ref": "247b",
        "title": "247 B",
        "logo": null,
        "address": null,
        "phone": null,
        "phone_invoice": null,
        "email": null
  "warnings": [],
  "nonce": null

became this xml.....

<?xml version="1.0"?>








<title>247 B</title>











Absolutely perfect.

Craig, the next time I am at an MSE conference and you are there, drinks are on me.

Thank you, Nick

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