Re: APG on DirecSQL [XPA2.5]

Florian Groothuis

It only makes the correct return-virtuals, not the input-virtuals. Too bad...




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Van: [] Namens Tim Downie
Verzonden: dinsdag 23 mei 2017 11:32
Onderwerp: Re: [magicu-l] APG on DirecSQL [XPA2.5]


The use is apg makes all the correct virtual types to return the result in....the after you have done this go in and ad in :1 etc....this saves time chasing why it wont work.

Once you use sql task a bit, a lot of our sql tasks just have :1  in the sql pane  :1   is a large sql statement built in higher up tasks.

Example instead if a magic range to sum up a value on 5000 records....which means magic selects and reads 500 records adding them up as it goes.

In sql task :1   =   select sum(ordertotal) from orders where day = xx/xx/xx.

Sql does this for you- its instant and magic gets 1 value value back not 5000 record it then has to process

From: <> on behalf of Florian Groothuis <f.groothuis@...>
Sent: Tuesday, 23 May 2017 9:15:17 AM
Subject: [magicu-l] APG on DirecSQL [XPA2.5]


Today I tried to use the APG-button in de DirectSQL-screen, but I can't see the additional value. Here's the statement I want to implement:

SELECT TOP(1) Waarde
WHERE Vestiging= N':1'
AND Artikelnummer= N':2'
AND Kenmerk= N':3'
AND Argument= N':4'
AND Staffel>:5
ORDER BY Staffel

The program is called by 6 parameters, one of them being the output parameter. If I use the APG I get the following message.

If I remove all the parameters the APG works. But what's the use then?

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