Re: User id on bottom line of Magic window.

Florian Groothuis

We use this same thing, but it is not consistent. If you hover over the menu it disappears, clicking the main form it appears again.





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Verzonden: donderdag 1 juni 2017 0:31
Onderwerp: Re: [magicu-l] User id on bottom line of Magic window.


You could set it yourself using the StatusBarSetText(User(0)) function

Harry Kleinsmit.

On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 07:17 am, Bren607 wrote:

Having just converted a system from uniPaaS to XPA , I notice the user id. is missing from the bottom line of the Magic window. In uniPaaS it is normally to the left of the Modify/Query indicator. Is there an ini setting which has disabled this? 


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