Re: Magic v9.4 Crash during convert

Florian Groothuis

For each update that contains a change in the datastructure I do the following:


·         Copy the file before you make the changes and rename the DB Table. For instance copy table 1 “customer.dat” -> table 99 “customer.V1a”

·         Create a program that:

o    Deletes the ne filename: IODEL(DBNAME(‘99’FILE))

o    Renames the physical file: IOREN(DBNAME(‘1’FILE),DBNAME(‘99’FILE))

o    Reads the copied file and writes to the original file: Main File = 99, Link Create to 1


In that case:


·         I have no issues with memo fields

·         I have the original file, definition and data, in case you need to roll back

·         I have a fresh, reindexed file


Works for me.





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Verzonden: woensdag 7 juni 2017 8:01
Onderwerp: [magicu-l] Magic v9.4 Crash during convert



Has anyone experiense the fact that MGGENW SP8 will crash during the conversion of large Btrieve files?
Sometimes I got the message "Out of memory", sometimes just crash.

Filesize of 815052kb
Total records 247661
Crash after 93740 records

Magic V9.40SP8 (and versions before)
Btrieve v12 (and versions before)

This problem exist for years in severall versions. Maybe anyone has a solution? 
My current solution is Export/Import but this takes a lot of time.

Best regards,

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Florian Groothuis
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