Re: User id on bottom line of Magic window.

Heidi Schuppenhauer

I didn't need to point to any assembly ... Frederick's excellent example just checks if the existing status bar is Magic's.

The one thing I haven't figured out though is how to ADD the new item. Mine overrides the existing label, so then the "Modify" label isn't there.

"Remove" removes an existing label, and that works.
Insert(1) overwrites the current label and pushes everything to the right.

So what does one do to add a new label to the left of the existing one?

 foreach (var ssc in form.Controls) {
                        if (ssc.GetType().ToString().Equals("com.magicsoftware.controls.MgStatusStrip")) {
                             var ss = (F.StatusStrip)ssc;
                             var ssi = new F.ToolStripStatusLabel(user);
                             ssi.BorderSides = F.ToolStripStatusLabelBorderSides.Left | F.ToolStripStatusLabelBorderSides.Top;
                             ss.Items.Insert(1, ssi);



On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 3:51 PM, Wes Hein <wes@...> wrote:
What .Net assembly do you need to load to get the com.magicsoftware.controls.MgStatusStrip?



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