Re: XPA 3.2b Android SMS Listener

Todd Baremore


Hmmmmm....seems like you're holding out for dessert (:-)

I'll give it a try



On 6/13/2017 9:36 AM, Brenda Bullorini wrote:
Hi Todd!
I don't have my laptop with me but,
1. Yes, it goes there, sorry I forgot to tell you before!
2. Compile version can be 21, 22, 23 or whatever. But, check the targetSdkVersion, I tried it with 22. 
If you use 23 in targetsdkversion you'll have to add some code to ask for permission to use the Telephony service when api >= 23. 
I think that Magic in the help explains how to do that, but I didn't test it so I'm keeping api 22 in targetsdkversion for now. My cellphone uses api 23 and it worked with targetsdkversion 22.
And the message you see is just a warning but is still works.
Oh, wait!!! I think I forgot to tell you something, I knew something was missing when I wrote you.
Add to the AndroidManifest file:
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_SMS" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS" />
Where the other permission lines are.
Check the targetsdkversion, set it to 22 and try again.
If it's still not working, what I would try is:
- Uncomment this line 
//Toast.makeText(context, "I got to onReceive", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
Just remove the "//"
- Generate new apk. 
- Run app and see if the Toast shows up when sms arrives. Then we can see if it's not getting to java or not getting to magic.
Good luck !!!
(And if it's still not working I'll be happy to help through teamviewer or something)

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