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Steven Blank


The programs are just stubs, meant to represent online programs in your application. They only exist in the demo application to illustrate how the Main context will terminate them along with itself after the length of inactivity IN ALL CONTEXTS as specified in the Main Program variable named AutoExitMins.

The context IDs are only displayed on-screen to illustrate that the three programs are, in fact, operating in three separate contexts. You don't need to DO anything with them.

Steve Blank

At 06:45 PM 7/4/2017, Arch wrote:

A little further information, please. The three programs display the context name, but how do we use them.

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On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 7:54 PM, Steven Blank <sgblank@...> wrote:
More on, available in this group's shared files area for free:
"uniPaaS v1.9p project export illustrating how to (a) prevent a user from executing your application more than once on a workstation (single instance per workstation), (b) prevent users from logging in to your application from more than one workstation (single instance per user), and (c) how to automatically exit your application after a pre-defined length of keyboard and mouse inactivity across multiple, parallel contexts." Pure Magic. ~ Steven G. Blank

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