Re: Dynamically Change Printer in UP1.9

Steven Blank


The most likely explanation is that the printer name specified in the INI file does not match the actual Windows Printer Name. I remember one instance that drove me nuts until I realized that actual the Windows Printer Name had two spaces in it. I thought it was "Zebra LP2824" when, in fact, it was "Zebra LP2824".

This is a case where a miss is as great as a mile. If the name in the INI doesn't match EXACTLY, Magic falls back to the default printer.

Steve Blank

At 10:29 AM 8/1/2017, you wrote:
A couple of weeks ago I asked a question about changing printer names dynamically in UP1.9. I received a couple of great answers that work just like I want it to.

I have run into an issue though that is really confusing.

I can change the queue name for a defined printer just fine and it works like it should, at my office.

When I move the program over to the client's though, the INI gets updated, just like it should, but the default printer that comes up on a print dialog is not the one I want. It always goes back to the default printer defined for the workstation.

What might I be missing?


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