Re: Combo Box records too long...

Govert Schipper

On the Control Properties, section "Appearance" you can set a property called "Visible lines". The default value of 0 will let the combo box expand until the whole screen is filled. When you specify a number, then that will be the maximum number of lines displayed. You will also get a vertical scrollbar to scroll through all the values. But I agree with Florian that for that number of lines, I would also use a Lookup/Zoom table.


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Verzonden: donderdag 3 augustus 2017 08:59
Onderwerp: [magicu-l] Combo Box records too long...
I have an Online Task and I used combo box reading the options from a table. Initially the table has only like 10 records and the program looks fine. However the table now has 70 records and the combo box just occupy the entire height of the screen and it looks ugly. According to my users, it might grow up to 200 records.

Is there a way to limit the height of the combo box? Or is there a better approach to this?

Thank you...

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