Oracle NEXTVAL Best Practice

Steven Blank

Dear Oracle Gurus,

For ages (eDeveloper v10.1), I've used a simple Direct SQL task (Batch, End Task Yes-After, Physical Transaction-Before Task Prefix) to execute the following:

select cast(prod.pick_list_seq.nextval as number(11)) as nextval from dual

and fetch up a new, unique value for, in this case, a pick list. This has worked, as I say, for a long, long time.

Recently, however, it seems something changed in uniPaaS that seems to be interfering, possibly something about the above Direct SQL task being called from within another batch task. So far, I've not been able to isolate my problem and am only surmising that it has it may have something to do with the way that uniPaaS handles nested transactions or something.

Can someone out there give me a brief tutorial on the proper way to implement NEXTVAL in Oracle? Am I doing something totally stupid? (Would NOT be a first for me...)


Steve Blank

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