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Hi steave,

I’m using UniPaas 1.9 for the last 7 years.

And I’m using Oracle, and NEXTVAL….the same way I understood you are (+/-)

A.      Are you upgrading from edeveloper 10 to UniPaas?

B.      What changed?

I usually use “Physical-None” (no transaction and no lock) on all Magic programs. If I need to handle things, I’m opening a transaction @ Oracle level (savepoints)




Maor Bachar


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Addendum to this,


The aforementioned batch task is being called from within another batch task's Group Prefix logic unit, and in which Transaction mode is Physical, Begin at a Group level. I subsequently have changed the above batch task to Physical-None, still no luck.


I'm thinking about making the above batch task a parallel task, so it would be called from outside the active transaction, but clearly I'm just throwing shit against the wall now to see if anything sticks.




Steve Blank



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