Re: Oracle NEXTVAL Best Practice

Frederik Soete


Or what if your calling task had physical transaction beginning before record prefix, instead of the none or group change? That value seems like in between the other two options, and was for me a way to avoid a quirk or bug w.r.t. physical/none in XPA 3.2. And the group change thing: i do not know when those updates are committed in a physical transaction, so that could maybe cause interference? Does your first grouping get a good ID, but not the rest?



Op 16 aug. 2017 18:35 schreef "Steven Blank" <sgblank@...>:

Addendum to this,

The aforementioned batch task is being called from within another batch task's Group Prefix logic unit, and in which Transaction mode is Physical, Begin at a Group level. I subsequently have changed the above batch task to Physical-None, still no luck.

I'm thinking about making the above batch task a parallel task, so it would be called from outside the active transaction, but clearly I'm just throwing shit against the wall now to see if anything sticks.


Steve Blank

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