Re: COM Interface Builder in Local Engine


Hi Todd,

I have copie pasted the original question from "Eduardo Coelho" below. 

I have the same problem in uniPaas 1.9
When I set the MagicEnginePath fix I get " Failed to load Magic engine"
When I don't set the MagicEnginePath I get " Failed to load Magic engine - Bad Registry Path" but in the documentation there is no mention what registry key is being used.

In short I need to call uniPaas programs (batch and online : f.i. open a select program with a parameter) from a third party program.

Original message from Eduardo Coelho :
"I'm trying to use the COM interface Builder with the Object Type in Local Engine.
It created fine the dll , but when I trying to call the Method MagicEngieLoad
It's always returning Failed to load Magic Engine. 
It never started the Runtime Engine.
I'm using Unipaas1.5sp2.I did tests with the XPA 2.3 but it didn't worked too.
I'm trying to call the dll Local as a API not by Remote as Request Server.
My ActivateRequest Server is inactive. I'm not using the Broker.
I'm tried to call from C# and straight from a program Unipaas, but it not starting the Runtime Engine.
I used the set properties from documentation as ApplicationName, MagicEnginePath and other. It's setting the properties but is not running the methods. My program method is not being executed too. 
I can see all the methods and the properties from magic but just the methods not being executed. Possibly because the Magic Engine not beeing running from the method."

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