Re: Use windows-login for logon to Unipaas/XPA


I think there is some inconsistency between the 2 environment settings: InputPassword & SystemLogin
e.g. when InputPassword=Y and SystemLogin=None the login dialog will still open even if the opposite is stated in the manual

On 18/8/2017 1:45 μμ, Avgerinos wrote:

Hi magicians

I 'm testing the various options for logon to a Magic desktop app.

In Magic Knowledge Center, I 'm reading the article "How Do I Use My Windows Login Name to Log on to Magic xpa? (Magic xpa 3.x)"

As far as I know using the User=%USERNAME% as a command line parameter and setting System Logon to None is enough to do the job .
Still, In bullet #4 I read: "In Options->Settings->Environment->System, set System Logon to User Name".
Is it due to inaccuracy of MSE's documentation or am I missing something?

Also, is there a safer alternative to the %USERNAME% environment variable? (this variable can be manually set to any name)

Thanks in advance

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