Re: Get Entry name from the menu

Steven Burrows

Probably not the answer you want, but we make use of the Entry Name in our App.


In development:

Create a memory table and populate by reading the menu XML (not fancy XML reading, old fashioned Black Magic)

Save it as a blob

Ship the blob with the application


In runtime:

Load the blob into the memory table (Main program)

Locate in the table for the 4 levels we allow using the menu text e.g. RepStr (StrToken (Menu (),1,';'),'&',''), RepStr (StrToken (Menu (),2,';'),'&','') etc

Pick up the Entry Name from the locate


This is pretty old code, there may be something more direct nowadays


Steven Burrows



From: [] On Behalf Of Gábor Bor
Sent: 22 August 2017 10:33
Subject: [magicu-l] Get Entry name from the menu


Dear Magic Users,

I would like to get the entry name of the program what i have chosen from the menu, but i don't find a solution for this problem.

Do you seen this problem before?

Best Regards, 
Gábor Bor


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