Re: DDF for encrypted files

Steven Blank


You need to supply the owner name – in Magic, known as the Access Key – that was used to secure/encrypt the underlying data file. In the PCC, for example, execute the following SET statement prior to your executing your query:

SET OWNER='<AccessKey>';
SELECT blah-blah-blah...

In the PCC, you only need to execute the SET OWNER statement once, as it remains in effect for the duration of the session.

Supplying an owner name in other scenarios varies with the application and the method it uses to access the table.

Steve Blank

At 04:53 PM 9/5/2017, you wrote:
I have a client would like to connect to my btrieve tables, when I create a DDF on a table that has been encrypted, I get an error 51 when Pervasive tries to open the file. Any tricks to this?


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