Re: DDF for encrypted files

Steven Blank


Magic allows one to enter more than eight characters into it's Access Key property. However, as far as Btrieve is concerned, an owner name is limited to a maximum of eight characters. This means that, if you enter more than eight characters in Magic, Magic will remember them, but only the first eight are significant.

Truncate your owner name to eight characters and try again.

Steve Blank

PS: Btrieve Owner Names are also case-sensitive.

At 02:11 PM 9/6/2017, Wes Hein wrote:

Thanks for the tip, when I run the Set Owner =  <Encryption Key> I get this message
'[LNA][Pervasive][ODBC Engine Interface]Password too long. Only the first 8 characters for v1 MD and first 128 characters for v2 MD can be used as a password.'

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