Re: Storing int64 into Btrieve

Steven Blank


As others have suggested, add the following to your MAGIC.INI file:

XXLNumericSize = Y

In your Data Sources Repository, define the column in your Btrieve table as Attribute:Numeric, Picture:'N19'. That's it.

If you're interested, notice that Magic automatically selects Stored As:Packed Decimal (as well it should). Also notice that the storage size is only 10 bytes. Very efficient. You can even create an index on this field, if need be.

Steve Blank

At 06:42 AM 9/6/2017, Govert Schipper wrote:


We need to parse the xml result of a web service and save it into a Btrieve table (PSQL v12). Some of the (identifier) fields in the xml are from a SQL data type int64, and contain numeric values up to 19 digits. As far as I know we can only store up to 15 digits in a numeric data type field. The only way I can think of is to store the value as an Alphanumeric data  type. Any other suggestions?


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