Re: Unipaas reading of .txtfiles and parsing to required fields #please

Keith Canniff



Have you pasted this data into a hex editor to see what the actual hex values are ?


Generally speaking there should be no difference between a CRLF in uniPaaS and C#, unless a different code page is being used to generate the c# text data, which you’ll be able to determine with a Hex Editor.


I’m assuming that the text field you’re pasting this data into allows for CRLF in the control properties?




From: [] On Behalf Of James Carlo Herico
Sent: Monday, October 2, 2017 7:39 PM
Subject: [magicu-l] Unipaas reading of .txtfiles and parsing to required fields #please


Good Day, I have a recurring problem with parsing of .txt files in Unipaas and need a bit of understanding on how to resolve it. You see, I have a logic code that reads from txt files and puts records it to a table. These txt files are written from a C# console command, wherein Unipaas retrieves this messages and reads it. The main problem is that the carriage returns and line feeds end up being a character that is unrecognizable by Unipaas. it has become squares in between concurring lines.

I tried to identify it, but when I paste it on a table, it shows as a different character. How do you parse c# carriage returns and line feed to unipaas carriage returns and line feeds?



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