Re: Unipaas reading of .txtfiles and parsing to required fields #please

Heidi Schuppenhauer

Yes, the first step is getting a good editor that can handle hex. I use UltraEdit, which is maybe overkill, but there are some free ones available. This will show the actual bitmap for what you are looking at. 

1. Use Blob2File to put the blob into a file.
2. Look at the text with a hex editor.

Notepad won't work, because it is very forgiving and will probably read the text just fine.

Inline image 1

CRLF should read as 0D 0A. Lately there seem to be a lot of files coming across
that either have just the 0D or just the 0A, and those may or may not parse right.
How to handle it depends though, on what the cause is, and for that you need to 
know the actual hex version.



On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 7:34 PM, James Carlo Herico <jamescarloherico@...> wrote:

Thanks for replying Keith, 


Well, the messages retrieved by the C# is from an API, and copies the messages as from how it was retrieved, with the help of a REST API function. Would this be the cause of difference in hex?
Since the messages are being retrieved from gmail.

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