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I am looking for some advice on whether I can Integrate our Unipaas application with a 3CX PBX system and if so point me in the right direction to make it happen.  Below is a cut from the 3CX PBX documentation which contains terminology I am not familiar with at all so it is all a bit confusing for me.  Basically what needs to happen is when we receive a call through the 3CX System it will trigger something to call a Unipaas Application that will look up the database and send some data back to the 3CX system.  Any advice would be most appreciated.


Integrating a CRM with 3CX


3CX includes a server side CRM integration which allows caller IDs to be matched to customers. When 3CX receives an inbound call, 3CX will query the CRM system, look up the customer name and if found, the contact will be added to the 3CX Contacts, and the caller name will be shown. In the web client it will also show a contact icon with a link to open the contact in your CRM.

3CX ships with support for a large number of CRMs out of the box. However as there are many CRM, ERP and Accounting packages it is impossible for us to support all of them. Rather, we have created a system that allows someone with basic coding / web skills to easily create a template / configuration for any REST based CRM/ERP system and import that into 3CX.

The system is a server side integration engine that takes an XML configuration file. These templates/configuration files define the authentication methods, the URLs to logon to the system and the URLs and steps necessary to query contacts.

In this guide we will show how to install and use the template generator tool, and take you through the steps required to create a new template for your CRM.


The CRM provider must have the following:

·         A RESTFul API with good documentation

·         The CRM must support Basic or oAuth modes of authentication

·         Download the 3CX Template Generator from here.

Step 1 - Get the required API calls as URLS

The three main functions of the CRM integration, require API calls as URLs for

1.       Authentatication

2.       Contact matching
[Url]/services/data/v37.0/search/?q=FIND {[Number]} IN PHONE FIELDS RETURNING Contact(Id,FirstName,LastName,AssistantPhone,Fax, HomePhone, MobilePhone, OtherPhone, Phone, Email,AccountId)

3.       Getting Account names: Some CRMS match a company using the same contact matching URL. In case this is not the case you must configured this URL separately Example
[Url]/services/data/v37.0/query/?q=SELECT name from Account where Id = '[AccountId]'



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