Re: Performing Web Service in Magic XPA 3.2/3.3

Brenda Bullorini


First you have to know your wsdl url.
Enter to the systinet admin console

Open WebServices tree, click on your webservice and in "List of Service Instance's Endpoints", click on the given Urls and it would take you to the wsdl
For example mine was this

Copy that url.
Go to the Studio, Options - settings - web services - new line
Enter the name you want. In server select SOAP, and then press Alt + Enter.
In WSDL Url you should past the url you copied before. Maybe you will have to change the server name for the IP if it doesn't work.

To consume the ws:
New line - Invoke - Web S
F5 to select the ws

In arguments you will see the in parameters and in Return you will get the response

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