Re: Magic v4


It looks like the same output as I am seeing.
The purpose of the example, (as in 'what can/should it do') is not known to any one but the person who created this.

Short version on how to get the WebSamples running:
1) follow the menu in Studio under 'Web'  (set correct settings, and generate
2) Open CMD prompt and do a CD to the directory specified in 'Web Application folder\ProjectName' 
3) run 'ng serve'

Output is like this:
C:\temp\output\WebSamples2>ng serve
** Angular Live Development Server is listening on localhost:4200, open your browser on http://localhost:4200/ **
 33% building modules 194/195 modules 1 active …ic-xpa\engine\fesm5\magic-xpa-engine.js

Wait for this to complete... 
4) Extecute the project  (CTRL+F7 from Studio), and go to http://localhost:4200 with your browser

Because the default program is 29 under 'Web Application Settings/StartProgram', the Root-example is always shown.
To test one of the programs 2-23, it's possible to run this individual program using F7.

Also, there's a bug in WebSamples/Program14 'Format', 
It is impossible to have an expression on the 'Format' of a field (what this example tries to show!)

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