Re: Output File Append Line running slow on server 2016 as text file gets larger - Unipaas

Steven Blank


Could it be that the log file is being written into a compressed folder, that the server itself is compressing the file "on the fly"?

Steve Blank

On 9/21/2018 2:54 AM, Peter Ashworth wrote:
Hi all,

We have various log files that we create for troubleshooting purposes. Its a fairly basic central program we wrote which does a Form output with the IO set to file append line, for a line up to 9999 in length.

In most of our client installations have server 2012 running as a virtual server.
They can see these logs files grow over time if not archived away up to 500mb sometimes. When writing 10 extra lines to the file, each with a separate call to the program that does the IO so we aren't holding the IO open, the timestamps we print on each line show from start to finish it happening within 1 second, or 2 seconds.

One of our customers recently upgraded to a server 2016 virtual server. When the log files are newly created everything runs as fast as it should, however even when the log file has hit 25mb the time taken to write these log lines is 5 or 6 seconds. and when it hit 50mb about 8 or 9 seconds. This is a problem for us because it increases the time it takes to respond to a waiting web request (not broker all magic is doing is writing an encrypted xml to disc which something else handles passing back to the web request) which can cause web applications to then timeout. If we disable the logs then the processing speeds right back up and the web requests stop timing out so we are certain it is the process of writing to a log file which is hanging everything up.

Is it possible that server 2016 somehow handles magic append line operation differently and its having to scan through the file first? Has anyone else had something like this? The customers IT says they haven't deployed anti virus yet which we thought might be a culprit. And they are newly created files by unipaas running on the new server, which eliminates a suspicion that the culprit was file owner permissions from the log files originally being copied over from the old server.

Any thoughts are appreciated as we are a bit flummoxed as to what might cause this



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