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Jackson, Adam

Maybe I’m causing the confusion by calling what I want to do a “web service”? What I want to do is call a xpa program using a URL embedded in a hyperlink. Not sure if that constitutes a web service or not?


I was hoping I could do something like http://myserver:6060/application=myWS&program=ClosePO&PO=123456&po_Line=1 Is this possible?


At present I am closing order lines down but I also want similar simple solution to run other simple update programs


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Hi Adam,

In theory you can create a SOAP request from html, you'll however need some javascript and therfore it wont work in practice. Email clients either do not support script at all or have it disabled by default, for security reasons.

You can however send your clients an email with some details about the order and put a hyperlink there which has a (secure) confirmation code as a parameter. That Hyperlink would point to a Magic program running on your server which would then close the order.

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