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Jackson, Adam

Hi Andreas,


The ARGUMENTS portion unlocked the door – all good now. I’ll work on coming up with a meaningful, helpful success message.


At this stage this is purely for intranet use so if/when we expose to the internet I will need to use web services but for now “Magic & Internet” gives me exactly what I need.






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Hi Adam,

What you have is a "Magic & Internet" program. Basically the ISAPI requester connects your client (a browser) to your Magic program running on server side. The return value is not relevant in this case. What you need to do is, writig your response to the requester and that you can achieve by using the requester functions or by an I/O entry of type "Requester". You really should look into the tutorials and examples.

Second, your parameters do not make it to the program and default to "empty". Thats because you did not put an ARGUMENTS= string on the URL. Your URL could look like following and you would get the values: http://<my_server>/magicscripts/mgrqispi.dll?APPNAME=JavelinWS2&PRGNAME=ClosePO&ARGUMENTS=-ACN%20203391,-N2

In your specific case I would probably create a static "Thank you, order has been closed" html page and program ClosePO would return a relocation to there so that the browser loads that page. I have a sample for such a program:

Finally you really should be aware of the impact when you open your system to the Internet and add some security because your program can be called by everyone with whatever paramters. Somebody could send you requests to close all your orders, ...

Best regards,


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