WebService - Return value - XPA3.3 - Axis2 - SOAPui

Gábor Bor

Hy Guys,

I have a Web service problem. The used environment: SOAP - TOMCAT+AXIS2 - Gigaspace - XPA

I have made 2 closely same external xpa program what gives back a blob in the Task's property sheet's Return value. It's "answer" back an XML, the simle different is that the first one make (XPA merge) a smaller (18KB) file (from a Filtered DB source), the bigger is write out the whole record aggregation. (1025KB)

When the soap UI receives the first one, everything is fine, i got the result XML on SOAP side. The bigger one shows this error:

<faultstring>Failed to serialize node</faultstring>

<soapenv:Text xml:lang="en-US">Failed to serialize node</soapenv:Text>

The only different is the size of files i think so. I have read some option to solve it like BasicHttpBinding's MaxReivedMessageSize and MaxBuffer size, but i could not find them to change values.

Does anyone have experience in this solutions?

Best Regards,

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