Re: Get all data from WebService in Magic XPA 3.2c

Andreas Sedlmeier

Hi Neil,

I have no Walk through, its however not that difficult.

Create a batch program or event handler and insert a "Invoke Web S Lite" operation. Double click it or zoom into it to get the WSDL selection.

There you can put your service endpoint followed by "?wsdl" and Magic will download the WSDL and list you the available operations (methods) . You should have a method named "getAlltbEmpList" there.

That you select and it will be of type (style) "Document". The method returns a XML document which you assign to a Blob (Unicode). That (XML Blob) you do read with XML direct access functions in another task where you have the XML Blob as a I/O entry of type Variable.

Write the result in a table (sqlite or memory) and you basically have what you want. You might also be able to use functionality of your DBMs to convert the XML to a (temporary table). 

If you cannot get that working I can provide you with a small sample, not before the weekend however.

Best regards,


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