Re: Parameters with DSQL-tasks [XPA3.2]


Hi Florian

DirectSQL input parameters work ok for me (at least in in XPA3.1x)
But regarding DirectSQL output-parameters, I found they will not work if they are also declared as task parameters.
So I use local variables instead and update the task-parameters on task suffix


On 5/12/2018 4:05 μμ, Florian Groothuis wrote:
Hi all,

I have a batch task with 3 parameters and the main source is a DirectSQL command. One of the parameters is the input parameter for the DSQL, the other two are the output parameters of the DSQL Surprisingly, when I call the task, the parameters are not filled with the values I pass. If I move the DSQL-task to a subtask, the task works fine.
Is there different behaviour of parameters on a DSQL-task I don't know of?


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