Re: Reset virtuals

Keith Canniff

As stated, if you fields were inited, then you could do a simple cancel to reset back to the original values.


Also suggested was that individual fields could be reset. If so, you might consider VarPrev rather than null because VarPrev would set the values back to their original values when the dataview was constructed.




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On 9-12-2018 17:22, Arch wrote:

Of course, you could reset the virtuals individually, but Todd's idea could be automated with a Main program Function that receives the first field and number to reset - assuming they are sequential, which is feasible. It could be raised on return from the printing task without a button. ...perhaps not saving much effort and adding complexity. Guess I'll just have to stop being lazy. :-(


Thanks guys



Or you shuld follow the tip from Govert.


Put an init expression on those virtuals,

After this a 'Cancel' should force a recompute of thos virtuals, setting them back to theid default values.

It's been that way since magic5, and it still works that way ....




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