Re: What email clients do people use to send from magic?

Peter Ashworth

We tried a c# dll a while back when we were benchmarking performance between blat, magic internal email, and c#. But we struggled to handle displaying images so we sidelined it. I've manged to fix that problem after a bit of fiddling. We were using linked resources and I wasn't setting the ContentID correctly.

Windows live was still duplicating the the linked resources as attachments so I now am doing images as Attachments, with a content disposition inline equal to true, and a mime type of image/jpg, and its now working and windows live doesnt mess around and show the images as attachments.

A colleague is trying to sort out being able to test this against an ssl exchange server but it should just be a matter now of changing the port number and enabling the ssl flag.

If anyone is interested in a c# emailer that handles inline images then I can upload it.

Out of interest Joeseph, your php script you mentioned. Do you still need a php service running to be able to host and consume that? (I presume thats the case I just haven't touched php in a long while)

Thanks for your comments.


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